Which license is right for you?

A purchased Optimus HQ license is valid for exactly one year – we have chosen not to use a subscription based model in order to increase flexibility, transparency and the privacy of data. After using the service¬†for a year you can (but don’t have to) quickly order a new license and start working with it. Plugin or API users with a lot of different websites (customer projects with Optimus HQ PRO) are able to purchase an Optimus HQ (Pro) license that is valid for several years – saving time by avoiding the repeated annual validation of a license number. Just contact us to get a license valid multiple years.

Target groups for the available Optimus licenses:

Optimus HQ PRO

The license for professional needs. Service providers and developers get the opportunity to use Optimus for customer projects. Summary: An annual licenses for an unlimited number of websites from current customer relationships. Practical, straightforward.

Optimus HQ

Affordable, fair license for WordPress users with personal projects. This includes bloggers, photographers, publishers and magazines. The number of websites is not limited, but they do have to be personal projects. Fair Play!

The plugin developer and maintainer KeyCDN is available to advise you on any of your questions regarding Optimus licenses at any time.


  1. Kamlesh Parab

    i am still confused and need a bit of proper confirmation about this. i have a optimus hq license purchased yesterday and i have 8 websites which are of my own. so can i use optimus hq for all my sites or do i need to purchase optimus hq pro

    1. Cody Arsenault

      As long as they are personal projects (i.e. not projects for clients of yours) you only need the Optimus HQ license. If you want to start optimizing images for client websites you’ll need to upgrade to the PRO license.

  2. Joao

    Hi there, we considering to pay for the license of “Optimus HQ PRO” but when you say that is “One-time charge” per year it means that after one year the plugin will still work but we can’t download the updates? Or it just stops working?

    1. Cody Arsenault

      It means that the premium version will simply stop working. You can keep using the free version if you don’t want to renew after one year however you will be limited in terms of image size.

  3. Schneider

    how can i renew the Optimus HQ PRO license? So far we have purchased the license every year because there is no login area on the optimus website.

      1. Schneider

        you mean really buy again?
        we already have HQ PRO purchased, i thought we could extend the pro-license. Create or get an account – would that be possible?

  4. Gustav

    have an existing key for optimus hq, valid untill 04. february 2019. Want to activate optimus hq on my secend (new) project. How do I find the old/existing key?

    1. Cody Arsenault

      You’ll need to find the email that was sent to you upon purchasing your license which contains your existing Optimus license key.

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